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Tim Mcgraw-My Old Friend (320 kbps)Tim McGraw
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MABRY – March 28, 2000 – January 23, 2021

Back on March 28 of 2000 my female cat, Chipper, gave birth to a litter of five kittens. As I watched each one being born the first four were gray like their mother. Then I saw the last one with little white legs popping out. I then knew that this one was going to be different from the others, and so he was. I named him Mabry after my uncle.

After the kittens got old enough, I gave the four gray ones away, but I kept Mabry. With time I started calling him by other names like Mabe, Mabro, Bubba and Bobo. He would answer to all of them. As he got older, he liked to hang out around the shop, and after reaching adult age he started making his rounds as all male cats like to do.

Later on I had him neutered and he became mostly a house cat. He liked to get behind me when I was sitting in the recliner and lick my head, something I have never seen a cat do before. When I would boil shrimp he knew by the smell of the spices what I was doing. When I sat down to eat them, there he was waiting on his.

Mabe would always sit in the window looking and waiting for me to come home from work each day. And when it came time to go to bed, he would sleep beside me.

Mabe was born in the back bedroom of my house, and now, almost 21 years later, Mabe died in the same house. Today, I bury “My Old Friend”

If there is a kitty heaven, I know that is where he is. He was the best cat I have ever had.  

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