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Finding a qualified specialist capable of undertaking your computer repair in a professional, competent and efficient manner can be a difficult task. We have many years of experience in the computer repair business and come with a very high review rating. We offer fast and affordable service with outstanding customer support after the repair or sale. Let us offer you our assistance.

Computer Repair _

We repair all Windows Based desktop, laptop and all-in one computers.

We DO NOT repair Mac products.

Computer Sales _

We usually have a good selection of new, refurbished and used computers for sale. We also custom build computers to meet your needs.

Computer Parts & Acc _

We sell most of the more popular computer parts and accessories.

Electronics Parts & Acc _

We have a large selection of electronic parts and accessories left over from the old days when we use to repair equipment other than computers. But now, WE ONLY REPAIR COMPUTERS.

NOTE: Please call in advance to give us enough time to find the part(s) you are looking for.

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