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How to install the new VSTV IPTV on the FreeStream x8 Rocket
and other Android TV boxes

NOTE: You will need access to a computer connected to the Internet and a USB flash drive to preform this installation.
1. Open the APPS folder on your TV Box home screen and select your old VSTV apk. Do not open it.

2. Press the Menu Button on your remote (The 3 horizontal bars button) and uninstall any old VSTV or IPTV apks.

3. Open your Web browser on your computer and go to and then click on the IPTV to download the apk to your computer. You can also click HERE for the same download.

4. Find the apk you just downloaded to your computer, copy and paste it to your flash drive 

5. Plug your flash drive into a USB port on your TV box.

6. Open the APPS folder on your TV box and then open the App Installer.

7. Select your flash drive and then click on the APK v3.0 to install it to your TV box.

8. To place a shortcut of the new IPTV apk on your TV Box home page - click on the + (Add app) button and scroll down until you see the IPTV apk and click on it.

9. Open the new IPTV apk and type in you username and password to watch IPTV live TV.

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