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Well, my cataract surgery scheduled for this Tuesday, March 24th, just got cancelled. By order of our precious Governor Ron DeSantis all elective surgeries are cancelled until further notice.
I have already prepaid a co-pay of over $2,000 for this surgery and it has been scheduled for over a month. I have also started my pre-op procedures.
When I can no longer see how to drive or do many computer repairs I DON”T CALL THAT ELECTIVE!!!
If he had only waited a couple more days I would have, at least, had one eye fixed so I could go one about my business. And now, with this Chinese Virus, my business has dropped off over the last couple of weeks, will I be able to stay open? Who knows... I wish I could get a hold to some of those Chines AH's, I would show them all of the screw ups they did assembling some of the laptops!
I’m not finished here, I will be contacting both the governor and Matt Gaetz’s offices on tomorrow. This is BS!!!!!!!!!!
I’m not asking for your likes or sympathy, share this everywhere you can…
So we will be still open until we have to close due to not being an essential business!!!
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