Thank You For Submitting Your Computer Repair Enquiry Form.
Please be advised that when you bring your computer in that it will take a little time to create a repair ticket and gather all information needed to help us speed up your repair. Please allow enough time for this. If someone else will be bringing your computer to our shop please be sure to give them all information possible including your full name, address, contact number, computer password and a detailed description of the problems you are having with your computer.
And remember...
If your desktop or all-in-one computer uses the standard 3-prong power cable like this,
we will not need your power cord.
IF NOT, and FOR ALL LAPTOPS and NETBOOKS please bring your power supply/charger with your computer.
If you are bringing your computer in the morning, please try to arrive before 11:30 AM
If you are bringing your computer in the afternoon, please try to arrive before 4:00  PM
That way we'll have enough time to check your computer in for repair
Thank You Again For Your Business!
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