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Differences Between Our Old Web Site and The New Site 
We have had a few customers complaining about our new site loading slower than our old site. The main reason for this is we are now running a secure site (Now https:// and not http:// as before) It’s true that SSL can impact the performance of a website. But its efforts are so minor that saving a few milliseconds won’t outweigh the increased level of security that SSL affords.
With HTTP/2, HTTPS is only getting faster so any performance impact SSL adds to connections is dropping fast. More on this subject.
Since this is a newly built site operating on a different server we are still "tweaking" it. It is our goal to have a fast loading site. Please bare with us for a little while longer.
One other thing causing our home page to load a little slow was the weather information at the top right of the page. Most people liked this but it has been removed, but it is still on our Weather Page.
Another thing causing our home page to load slower is the pretty background scenery. Our customers asked for it so I included it.
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