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Feb 14

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  • I am thoroughly enjoying being a Value Steam TV (VSTV) customer! By being a VSTV customer, I get the opportunity to watch over 1500 live HD TV channels, which includes channels around the world. I even can watch all the US channels, which includes channels I never knew existed! On the contrary, I have been a satellite and cable tv customer and never have I been able to watch so many live tv channels before. In addition, VSTV also has a movie library that contains movies both old and new. Also, you can watch TV series by season and episode in the Series section. Last of all, you have tons of music genres to enjoy in VSTV. Moreover, VSTV offers On Demand entertainment channels; for example, HBO, Cinemax and Starz and more. Also, you can watch Pay Preview channel in the Live Events tab! Last but certainly not least, I love the cost of VSTV,which is only $19.95 per month and it is Pay as you go! NO contract or activation fees! No cancellation fees! I highly recommend ValueStream TV to all my family & friends!