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This is the CORRECT way Value Stream should be displayed on your TV

To correct this, simply back out to the home page and click on MOVIES (you don't have to click on a movie to play) and then back out again and click on LIVE TV. Most of the time this will work.

IMPORTANT! Always refresh your Electronic Program Guide (EPG)

IMPORTANT: After performing this procedure you will be required to reenter your User Name, Password and correct URL information. So, have this information available before clearing the data. You will also be required to ACCEPT Terms of use (EULA) when you open the app. This clears all data including your favorites so they will have to be added again. NOTE: The newest VSTV app no longer requires you to enter a URL, only the username and password are required.

Find your type of device listed below and follow the appropriate instructions. 

Free Stream x8 Rocket Box
1. From the HOME screen, click on the APPS icon

2. Find the VSTVapp icon
3. Press the        menu button on the remote
4. Select “Clean data” and follow the prompts

Fire TV Stick or Box
1. Click on “Settings”, “Applications”, “Manage Installed Applications”
2. Scroll down until you see the VSTVapp icon and click on it
3. Scroll down and click on “Clear data” and then click it once more to complete the procedure
The Woolley Box Pro
1. From the HOME screen, click on “Settings” and then on “Apps”
2. Scroll down until you see the VSTVapp and then click on it.
3. Next, click on “Clear data”, followed by “OK” to complete the procedure.

We start out addressing a common issue which hopefully will be corrected, but until it is,

here's how to fix the following:

a. Favorites not working correctly

b. Expiration Date is incorrect

c. Other poor performance issues

But sometimes a may look like this

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