$89.95 (Incudes Remote & HDMI Cable)

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with the device or REMOTE CONTROL

just stops working. This fix has worked for me. Power down the device for about 1 minute by unplugging the power supply. Reconnect the power supply and PRESS BOTH the "SELECT"

and "HOME" buttons at the same time. Keep both buttons pressed until you see a response from the remote. 

If your device freezes or if you wish to restart it without unplugging the power supply you can press SELECT + PLAY for 10 seconds to make your FIRETV restart.


Fire TV Box

Optional Wireless Keyboard

with Touch Pad - $39.95

Fire TV Stick $79.95 One Time Investment

$129.95 (New)-- $119.95 (Refurbished)

NOTE: Refurbished boxes and sticks are factory certified and good as new. They carry the same warranties as new devices but at a lower price.

Fire TV Support Group

$79.95 (New)

$74.95 (Refurbished)

Facebook Fire TV Support Group

Occasionally the Exodus Add-On for Kodi will disappear and it has to be installed again.  This occurs sometimes after updates are installed and sometimes for no apparent reason. Follow these instructions to install Exodus on your device. 

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Already have a Fire TV Stick or Box?

We will install Kodi and Mobdro on it for only $40.00

Now In Stock! The Android TV Box Q Pro Kodi - Fully Loaded Smart Media Player...

Fire TV Stick

  • Works very similar to the Amazon Fire TV Box
  • Totally independent - No account needed
  • All you need is high speed Internet and a TV with HDMI
  • Connects either with Ethernet or WiFi
  • Web Browser also Included

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Fire TV Stick $79.95 One Time Investment

                     Is the best live 

                     streaming add on

currently available. Multiple packages offered.  Also a TV Guide and a Cloud Based DVR. Still cheaper than satellite or cable.

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We are experimenting with a few new Kodi add-ons, and if they turn out to be worth adding to the programming, we will add them.