Now to activate your software

We attached your license file to the email we sent you.

If you haven't already, save this file to your computer desktop.

Next, open your Avast Secure Line VPN program. It should look like the window below.

Remember to make any changes to your VPN location using the drop down menu before connecting to your VPN

Woolley Communications, LLC

Now you sure see a screen like above telling you that your license is now valid.

We will assume that you have already downloaded the software and are currently using the trial version copy. If not, click HERE to download the software. It must be installed and running in the trial mode before you continue. It is alright if your trial period has expired.

Thank you for purchasing the Avast Secure Line VPN

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Click on Insert it here

Next, select desk top option to display all icons on your desktop. Find the license file, click once on it, and then click on the open button. Your file will most likely be titled as Avast SecureLine PC - 1 user, 1 year